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Skydiving in Pattaya

Posted by Owen Richards on November 26, 2018
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There is one thing that is for certain about Pattaya and that is that you will never become bored. All sports are available including what would be regarded as the more extreme such as skydiving In Pattaya. Whilst this may not be something for everyone, it is something that is becoming increasingly popular and is a great way to see the surrounding areas under the expert guidance of professional teachers and supervisors.
The increase in popularity of the sport has led to more options becoming available with there now being three main options. As you would imagine, safety is hugely important and everyone taking part must undergo the necessary training so they are aware of what to expect during their jump. Tandem dives are available for beginners with single dives available for those more experienced.
Below are the skydiving schools that are available in Pattaya and the nearby areas.

1. Thai Sky Adventures

Thai Sky Adventures is probably the best known of options in and around Pattaya. They are located at Nong Kho Reservoir near Sriracha and offer a selection of different dives depending on your experience. Naturally, the safest and the easiest is a tandem dive that is best suited for beginners. This dive will give you the opportunity to get the most out of your skydive whilst the instructor takes full control. Everyone who tries this regards it as being one of their most memorable experiences and often leaves them keen to try more.
If you are interested in taking up the sport, Thai Sky Adventures offer complete courses that will enable you, in the future, to take solo dives. This is obviously the goal of almost everyone who wishes to take the sport more seriously. These courses are recognised by the USPA and will allow participants to take part in numerous dives, learn how to pack their own parachute plus much more. 13 days accommodation is available meaning that you can spend more time learning and in the skies rather than travelling to and from the airfield.
The price for a tandem jump starts at just THB8,900 making it considerably cheaper than what you would pay in the west. It should go without saying that all flights are subject to weather conditions with no risks ever being taken.

2. Skydive Pattaya

Skydive Pattaya are based in East Pattaya and are another of the well-established operators having first been launched back in 2006. No previous experience is required as you will get the necessary training prior to your jump. The aircraft will take you to an altitude of 14,000 feet, around 4,300 metres, and this gives you truly stunning views down the Pattaya coastline – something that you quite simply get from ground level or even from the tallest condos in the city.
You will be securely fastened to the instructor, who will help to calm your understandable butterflies and make sure that your goggles are securely attached. During the jump, you will reach speeds of up to 220 Kph before the parachute opens guiding you serenely back down to earth. This is something that takes in the two extremes of adrenaline rush and then relative calm. You are not required to be able to speak fluent English as other languages are spoken and most of the instruction is visual.
The prices that are charged are again very reasonable and Skydive Pattaya even give you the opportunity to have the experienced filmed by your instructor so that you can watch it back again with family and friends. Transport is available to and from the airfield from anywhere within Pattaya and is the preferred option for most novices who will more than likely be nervous.

3. Freefall Thailand

Like all of the other skydiving schools in Pattaya, Freefall Thailand is run by experienced personnel including instructors, pilots and those on the ground. They operate from an airfield in Rayong and emphasise the importance of only using professional companies due to the obvious risks involved. As they are sure that you will be completely satisfied with all safety aspects, you can enjoy the superb location and the magnificent views that you will experience during your jump from 4,300 metres.
The facilities are custom-built and are regarded as some of the best in Thailand leaving you to enjoy the jump and get the most out of your day. With an estimated 320 days of perfect conditions for your skydive, you can experience this once in a lifetime opportunity across all the seasons. The freefall last approximately 60 seconds with the parachute down to terra firma taking 5 minutes, during which time you can fully appreciate the views.
Prices start at just THB11,200 per person with once again filming available for those wishing to relive their experience back in the comfort of an armchair!

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