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The 10 Most Common Reasons For Hiring a Real Estate Agent

Posted by Owen Richards on July 24, 2018
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With an increasing amount of business in the real estate industry being done online, clients frequently ask if they really need the services of a real estate agent. Often these clients and potential clients think that they could do the job themselves and could utilise advertising channels such as social media. Some are successful but the majority perform pretty poorly in terms of results. Here are 10 reasons why you should consider employing the services of a professional agent.

1. Knowledge and Experience

A professional and experienced agent will carry out this role day in, day out. They know what is involved, potential pitfalls and what games are played. This effectively means that you don’t need to possess this knowledge yourself. Agents usually charge the same fees so always opt for the one with the most knowledge and experience.

2. The Role They Play as a Buffer

Selling agents or developers can be intimidating and employ aggressive sales techniques especially with inexperienced buyers. A quality agent will act as a buffer and protect your interests. If you are selling, an agent can filter out the ‘tyre kickers’ ensuring that you only get quality viewings and that your time isn’t wasted.

3. Local Knowledge

Agents know the area that they operate in and anything they don’t know, they will know the right person to ask. They can provide information about local schools, hospitals or shops along with any other information that you may require. Agents will also have the knowledge of why one property was valued higher than another but still managed to sell quicker.

4. Guidance on Price

An agent will never instruct a seller to sell a property at a certain price, they will merely offer advice from which they can make a judgement. They will provide a broad selection of data that will assist with this choice. Once a decision has been made, the agent will formulate a plan for selling and promoting the property based upon market conditions along with supply and demand.

5. Knowledge of Market Conditions

Real estate agents will know the local market conditions and they can advise you on how you should proceed. They are also likely to know average square metre costs in the area along with overall average sales prices.

6. Agents Are Always Networking

Agents are always networking and working the market. They will speak with other agents and they will attended organised networking events. They are also likely to know what properties are popular and what people are seeking. Often they may know people who are looking to buy or sell a certain property and are just waiting for the opportunity to present itself.

7. Negotiating skills

The most successful agents will be the best negotiators. They have the ability to remove all emotion from the deal – something that most buyers and sellers find very hard to achieve. The role of the agent is to negotiate a deal that both parties are completely satisfied with as in many cases they will be acting on behalf of both parties. Naturally, they will always keep much of the information confidential.

8. Understanding the Paperwork and Red Tape

Purchase agreement are complex documents and will include a lot of jargon. Also, much of the documentation that is required by the Land Office is hard to understand for a non-Thai and this is where a quality agent will prove invaluable. They will be quick to spot errors or anomalies as well as being able to recognise if something underhand is going on.

9. They are Prepared to Answer Questions

Once again, the best agents are always prepared to answer questions with the best accepting when they don’t know the answer but find out on your behalf. Even after the event many agents will be happy to answer questions as they will know that somethings get forgotten in the excitement of the deal. Worthy agents will be happy to assist long into the future knowing that they are likely to benefit in the long-term.

10. Build Long Lasting Professional Relationships

On the same note, most agents recognise that the majority of their business comes from referrals. Quality agents will recognised that they need to be professional and helpful to forge these lasting relationship and therefore gain the referrals. These referrals mean that the agent is likely to stay in business for the long-term meaning that they will be around to help buyers and sellers long into the future.

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